Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The cuter the sugar, the sweeter the tea!

Welcome to our first blog post!

This blog is meant to chronicle the crafting adventures of two sisters:  Noelle and Melia.  For our first post, we wanted to share our adventure last night into the world of sugar cube decorating....

Ever notice that things seem to taste better if they are cute?  We have.  The cute:tasty ratio is what inspired these little sugar cubes.

This was our first go around, but we think they turned out pretty adorable.  Scientific tasting tests (i.e. eating them) confirm the taste is definitely sweet with an aftertaste of cute.

One of my favorite things about them is that each type of flower has its own color and shape.

Bonus cute:  if you add these to your tea, the flowers will float on top even after the sugar dissolves.
Note:  We used meringue frosting, which may account for the floating.  Extra tests would need to be run to see if other frosting types will do this.


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Meringue frosting
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  1. So Cute! Can't wait for more!

    Aunt Jan

    1. Thank you! A lot of it is just have a place to post pictures to share. Glad you like it. :)