Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When I say I've been crocheting a ton, I am SO not joking!  Thankfully, Melia lends her time and scissors to the ripping-and-rolling, so for the most part, I only have to crochet!  (We make fab team!)  There are a few rugs that haven't been photographed before they were re-homed, but here is a selection of what we've been up to:

Green and Rust Rag Rug
Funnily enough, the color scheme, while not really my 'cup of tea', is the one that gets all the attention.  If someone mentions the rugs, it's almost guaranteed they're fondling this specific rug!  The 'sister rug' for this one, which I never got a pic of, (it was sold before I thought to snap a pic!), was square & had orange-y rust accents where the green is.

Rustic Forest Green Rag Rug
Another small rug/placemat rug.  This one is made from leftovers of a pioneer dress I made a while back.

Sweet Mint Rag Rug
This is one of my favorites!  All rolled up, it doesn't look like much, but it's a pretty big rug!

Sweet Lavender Rag Rug or Table Runner
This was a tester to see if I liked braiding rugs better than crocheting them.  It takes a little less time, and I love the way it looks, but it's just not as fun as a crochet rug.  (And probably not as sturdy, either, to be honest)

Sweet Lavender Rag Rug
This one really, honestly is my favorite rug.  I need to get a better pic of this one, because these pics certianly don't do it justice!  I am sorely tempted to keep this rug for myself and turn my bathroom purple.  :)

Shabby Pink Rag Rug
I am kind of in love with the ultra shabby chic-iness of this rug!  And yes, it's another one of my favorites.  I think part of the fun is coming up with pretty color combos!

Baby Blues Rag Rug

This one I finished last night - I tried a new shape, and it turned out pretty okay.  (I have some ideas for future half-circles....yet to be tested!)  Again, I am sorely tempted to keep this one, and use it for my kitchen!

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