Monday, September 3, 2012

Teeneh Tineh Ami!

I've been doing more crochet in the last few weeks than I have ever done in my whole life!  And before the (very) recent crochet craze, the most I'd ever done is potholders and bags and whatnot.  Super easy, small projects.

So now, I'm kind of in a "Crochet ALL the things" mode.  (More stuff to come, if Melia can spare our shared blog for my dorky crocheting pursuits!)

I still haven't learned how to read a crochet pattern, but I'm pretty okay at making shapes, rather than stitches, which lends itself well to teenyeh, tineh plushies.

I made this rabbit for a friend who loves my white bun (Enron, a real-life bunneh) - I thought she would enjoy having a pocket size bunneh of her own!

And then, because I'm a total nerd, I wanted to make a Cthulu plush.  Half-way through, I decided it was actually a 'she', and needed a bow.  Before I even finished Cthuietta (named by Melia!), I decided she needed a boyfriend.  (I mean, what kind of destruction could be caused by a lonely, adolescent Elder God?!  Can't have that!)  

I decided he is a very dapper Elder God, and needed a bowler hat.  (The original plan was a bowtie, because they're cool, but realized the tentacles of DOOM would prohibit such stylish neckwear.)  I think everything turned out better than expected.  :)

Awww!  The Chaos is so adorbs!

No Elder God, no matter how adorbs, is complete without a little set of wing-a-lings.

They're tineh, and in love.  d'awww!

I can't write a pattern to save my life, but I used regular 'ole embroidery floss and a #7 crochet hook.  

The body and head is a simple ball/teardrop setup for both the Cthulu & bunny.  I stuffed all of them with yarn scraps (since I seem to have a LOT of those around lately!)  

The arms and legs (and bunny ears) are all cup-shaped pieces.  

The tentacles are a spiral that was super popular when I was a kid to put in little girls' hair.  (Chain....a bunch.....and put multiple single or double crochets per chain.  The more stitches per chain, the tighter the curl)

The wings are a basic back-and-forth, and chaining at the end of the wing instead of attaching to previous row.

I hope that helps at all if you're interested in making one of your own.  If not, drop me a line and I'll try to explain better!


  1. Noelle, those are adorable! More! Share more!

    1. Aw, thanks! Hopefully I'll have another by the end of the week!

  2. Replies
    1. :D I just need to figure out how to do an Iggy......!