Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Masked Ball - A Redux and Confession

The masked ball has come and gone...  It was down to the wire in the last couple days about whether we would be able to finish everything or not.  In fact, our hats were done just minutes before we began actually dressing for the event.  But thankfully, all costume-related issues were resolved in time to go and just enjoy ourselves.

And enjoy ourselves we did.  The venue was gorgeous - perfect for a ball of this calibre.  It was so fun to walk around and see everyone's outfits.  It seemed that each one was unique, and we had to do quite a few laps of the room in order to get a chance to see most of them.

Anne, Noelle and Melia
 (See Noelle's blog for more information and pictures!)
All the people that we spoke to at the event were beyond charming.  But this brings me to the confession part of the blog.  We (Noelle and I) are very shy.  Well, maybe shy isn't the word.  We just have a bit of a hard time going out and meeting and really talking to new people.  Granted, we are lucky that we have a support system built in with each other.  And luckily there were a few other wonderful party-goers who came up and initiated conversation, so we did get a chance to talk to some people.  (Unfortunately, the conversation usually involved me (Melia) saying something ridiculous.[Noelle here - I'm pretty sure I give Melia a run for her money when it comes to awkward conversation!])

So, the point of all this is to ask that if you see us lurking in a corner at upcoming events (because we most definitely will be coming to more!), please, please come say hi.  We are nice.  Really.  We may be awkward or stiff at first, but that is just because we will be fighting our inherent hermit-like nature.  But eventually our inner geeks will shine through.  We promise.

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