Monday, August 13, 2012

Solid Perfume Lockets

One of our new favorite things that we've made is solid perfume lockets.  It's actually remarkably easy to make the solid perfume.

The ingredients:

Apricot Oil
Essential Oil

Take equal parts beeswax and apricot oil and melt in a double boiler.  Once the wax melts together, add in your favorite scent.  For ours we did two batches, lavender and jasmine.  (Both are yummy!)

The picture to the right is what the mixture looks like after it has cooled.

While the wax is soft and runny, pour it into your container.  We used these lockets, but any non-porous container should work.  (Jeweled pill boxes may be next on the list.)

After the perfume has hardened, you can scrape any excess off the top to make the line smooth.  And voila!  Solid perfume lockets.

We finished off the lockets with different chains, ribbons and fun extras to give them each a personality of their own.  The look ended up being a bit Victorian, which we love.  They also smell fantastic.  Just dab a bit on your wrists, neck, etc to keep smelling lovely all day.  Or you can just hang the locket on your person for continual soft scent during the heat.

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