Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Farmers Market

We have a problem.  From what I hear it is fairly common, but there is no cure.  Basically, we can't stop making things.  This has led to storage problems and husbands who shake their heads at us in bewilderment.  (They try to hide it from us, but we see it.  Yeah, you thought you were sneaky, boys!)  What to do?!  We can't just stop crafting.  That would be silly.  Also, I think we are too far gone.  So, instead we found another way to feed our addiction... the Farmers Market.
Just a couple of junkies trying to push their stuff.

Our idea is that if we can sell some of our stuff, it just may pay for itself and allow for a crafting fund (and excuses to hang out).  We've gone to three markets now, and are happy to report that we have had some success.

Here you can see a few of our favorite items:  the perfume lockets mentioned before, as well as ridiculously detailed pie magnets made by Noelle.

From infused sugars (mint, lavender and rose) to our decorated sugar cubes, this section gets us in a tea party mood.  So, we also included some teacup candles and teacup pincushions in the area.  At a couple of the events we set up a little tea set to add to the ambiance, but everyone kept wanting to buy it, and since the set belonged to a certain three year old little girl, that was a no-go.  But hey, at least they were thinking tea party too...

The booth is rounded out by some crochet collections.  The rag rugs (left) are incredibly comfortable to walk on and have a really pretty shabby chic look.  (BTW - Don't let the name fool you... they are a ton of work. After cutting, combining, rolling and crocheting, it takes a good amount of time.  They are worth it, though!)
Additional crocheted items include slippers, heart and flower garlands, and reusable face scrubbies.

All in all, we think it's a pretty cute booth.  If you are in town for either the Syracuse or Bountiful Farmer's Markets, you should come check us out!  Or at least say hi.  We'll be the crazy ones dancing or laughing loudly.


  1. Your booth is so appealing! What are a couple of the more popular items?


    1. Thank you! Actually, I think our most popular items are probably the infused sugar. The other items are hit and miss as far as which is most popular.

    2. Again, seconding Melia here. The sugars have been far and away the best sellers. The leather masks are a *huge* draw, but so far - no buyers!

  2. Oh how I wish I had a friend or 2 to set up a craft booth with! I have 6 totes now of completed crafts.

    1. We feel your pain... seriously! I have to admit, it definitely is easier with two. Especially for setup. Having company is certainly a plus as well. I'd definitely recommend trying it, especially if you can con someone into joining in. I recommend food to try to win them over. If that doesn't work, blackmail is great too. :D

    2. I second Melia - I certainly wouldn't do it without her, but has been the most fun I've had in...years?

      Marsha, I'd suggest going to your local craft fairs/farmers markets, and seeing if you can strike up a conversation with one of the booth owners - they may just be looking to have someone help out! :)

      Of course, there is always the option of moving to Utah (don't do it) and being silly with us....