Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boys Make Stuff Too - Leather Masks

So far this blog has been about what Noelle and Melia have been up to... but did you know we have awesome husbands too?  We've been posting a lot about our Fairies, but thought we'd take a break to show you some of the stuff that one of The Boys has been up to.

Matt Kelley (aka Melia's DH) does some fantastic work with leather and has been creating some beautiful masks.

Autumn Fairy

This mask reminds us of Autumn, though some have mentioned that it looks like a dragon, or even one of the merfolk.

Goblin King

Instead of a mask, this is a headdress or crown.  The two layers of leather are riveted together with turquoise stones.

Ice Queen

A more feminine headdress with cool colors, crystalline finish and hanging iridescent stones.

Carnivale Jester

A traditional jester look, complete with ringing bells.  This guy seems to have a bit of a dark side to him, though.

Plague Doctor/Cyrano

Crazy amount of molding went into this mask.  Because it is leather, it is quite light, which is a good thing when there is this much mask going on!

***And now for the PSA: "You can buy any of the above/request a special commission from our Etsy shop, or by dropping us a note here, on this blog, or email us!***

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