Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Framed Fairies

Mummified Fairy Tableu

Part of the fun of creating these fairies is all the different ways that they can be displayed.  Not only is each fairy positioned differently, the various ways of displaying them hint at individual back stories for each.  The following are pictures of a full tableau:

A fairy tableau.

This tableau includes not only the fairy itself, but the various accouterments that were found with it.  These include various foodstuffs, miniature flowers, and even a small rope.

Why was this particular fairy carrying these items?  Perhaps we will never know...  Let your imagination run and I'm sure you can come up with some theories!

Mummified Fairy Specimen

Framed Fairy Specimen

When we were young, we had hanging in our house, framed butterfly specimens.  They were beautiful - electric blue and bright oranges - and I loved them.  Perhaps it was recalling them that makes me think that this little guy was found and displayed by an amateur etymologist.

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