Monday, January 21, 2013

Argyle Heart Wreath

I have been bitten by the 'wreath bug' -- hard!  Before I finished up the rose wreath, I started on an argyle heart wreath.  (The inspiration is here)  I didn't have a very thick wreath base, nor did I have a pool noodle, so it's a bit on the thin side, but I do love how it turned out! It's way cuter in person.  I swear!* 

I really, really want to make another one of these!  Maybe St. Patricks day themed?!

And here is the helpful hint of the day.  Freezer paper.  It is your friend!  (I did a whole post about it over here)

The easiest, cleanest way to deal with felt is to adhere freezer paper to one side of the felt, and draw (or trace, if using a template) the pattern you need to cut out of the felt on to the freezer paper side.  No yucky pen marks on the felt, and it won't stretch and get....furry and ripple-y on the edges as you cut!  Nice, crisp, non-gunky edges!

(Short story:  basically, the slick, glossy side is the side that will stick to the felt - place that side down on the felt, and press with a dry, medium heat iron, and voilà!  You have paper-backed felt!  The freezer paper will stick well enough through the tracing/cutting process, but will peel off fairly easily once you're done.)

*(I have come to realize that my pretensions of becoming a photographer are quite unrealistic.  I have pretty much given up at this point, I think!)

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