Monday, January 21, 2013

Craft Day

A couple of weekends ago, I hosted an 'arts and crafts' day at my house.....I suggested a rose wreath that I've been lusting after for quite some time.

It's so interesting how different everyone's wreaths ended up looking!  (I am still hoping for some finished shots from those that attended....)  

But boy howdy....let me tell you, when the gal whose blog inspired these, when she says "they are very labor intensive!" She is not joking.  We crafted our little hearts (pun totally intended.  I am sorry.) out for hours and hours, and no one went home with a finished wreath!  (Although there was some really great progress!!)  I know for next time (please, come back, ladies!  I promise the next project won't be nearly as time consuming!!)

If I ever feel like I need hours and hours of mindless rolling, I really want a black and white version.  :)  I finally finished mine up over the weekend!  Next up is packaging and delivery!  YAY!

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