Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Goodies - Bath & Body Edition

My very good friend Holly and I have every once in a while done bath & body products for our Christmas gifts.  This year (back by popular demand!) was an array of lotions and lip balms and scrubbie sacks!

Solid lotion "Body Butter" - wrapped in plastic
and stickered with a label including all the ingredients
 I struggled for days and days to find appropriate, cute, yet inexpensive containers for the solid lotion - but alas, none were to be found!  I eventually decided to try various soap and candy molds - and hurrah!  It worked!  (Although I think Holly was more than a little dubious at first!....)
I had a whole lot of fun finding
cool shapes for the lotions!
I (finally) bought a sticker machine I've had my eye on for months and months to make all the labels for our products*!  (Present for me!!!  I mean, a very useful tool that had to be purchased for the project....!)  Holly made the labels, using frames from the ever-fabulous Graphics Fairy.  Each label lists all the ingredients (but of course!)  I was worried at first that the stickers wouldn't be sticky enough to work as labels, but they seem to be holding up quite well indeed!  The maker puts a very fine layer of plastic film over the top of the paper, so it's more durable than the paper all on it's own.  I'm really excited about the possibilities!  What else can I sticker-y-fy?!

Lip balm pot
Lip balm stick

 It's a toss up as to whether I like the body butter, or the lip balm better....but if I had to choose, I think I would go with the lip balm!  It's not just for lips!  It also works great on cuticles and super stubborn dry knuckles.  Thankfully, Holly had leftover containers from the last round of lotions and lipbalms, and donated them to the project. There have been multiple requests for more lip balm and lotions, so just today, I purchased some new, different styled containers!  (I also got some supplies for packaging the lotions, and some lye to make soap.....omg!  So excited!!!  I'll post how it goes when they get here.....)

Three 'flavors' of scrubby sacks
Mmmmm.....awesome smelling, moisturizing scrubby I love thee!  Deceptively simple, yet really, really awesome!  I still have a bunch of 'base' left over for scrubby sacks, so one day, I'll need to get around to making some more!

*I l-o-v-e this machine!  I didn't even use half of the 'starter' roll that came with the machine, and we made labels for all the lipbalms (80 or so?), and all the lotions (at least 100), and I'd barely gone through half the roll!  I bought mine at WalMart for $20.  The refills at WalMart are $10.  (Everything seems to be a few bucks cheaper at Amazon, so if you have Prime, it might be cheaper to go that way....if you can wait, and are not impatient, like me!)


  1. I made some lavender salt scrub for my cousin, and it was so hella easy and they were brilliant. Yes, I sampled them. They worked just as well as my fracking expensive Japanese scrub. It's made me want to make a bunch up to give to all my friends. :P

    1. Oooh! I smell (haha) a crafty night coming on?!

  2. A label maker? At Wal Mart? Gotta Check That Out!