Monday, September 24, 2012

Mummified Fairies - The Real Deal

My first attempt at mummified fairies was far more gruesome than I had intended, so I switched up methods, and hit upon a method that evokes more of a 'dried leaf', than 'decomposing flesh'.  Kinda gross, but there it is!

What one can do with a mummified fairy? How about starting your very own Cabinet of Curiosities, or Wonder Cabinet?

"Peruvian" Fairy
This little guy is what I like to call the "Peruvian" fairy - his position looks a lot like extant Peruvian mummies. He can lie flat on his back, wings spread, or perch on his feet, curled up!  

"Bodlian Library" Fairy
Ok, so I have to admit, this guy just might be my favorite.  His back story is he was caught between the pages of an old, dusty tome in the Bodlian Library, not seen again for many, many a year!

"Bog" Fairy
The positioning of this little guy kind of reminds me of some of the bog bodies found in northern Europe.  Probably a little more gruesome back-story than the some, but certainly interesting!

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  1. I love love lovity love my fairy in a jar! LOVE! :D